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Mark and the entire All-Trans Repair Team,

My wife and I just wanted to thank you and your Team for the repair work on our 2003 VW Passat (Repair Order 7124.....8/08/12).
As a customer with a car transmission problem you are always at the mercy of the of the “repair shop” to get the issue fixed, and at a fair price. All-Trans got the job done, and at what we feel was a fair price.
Thanks again.....and we will be sure to mention All-Trans to all our family and friends for any transmission repairs.

-Margee & Paul Thielemann

I had a trans problem a couple of years ago and brought it to All-Trans, certain I d have to replace it. They cracked it open and found a simple problem with a part that the linkage attaches to inside the case. Cost: $350. Needless to say, I was thrilled. I think in the automotive repair business, it s crucial to find a company you trust, because they always know more than the consumer, who could be easily fleeced. Yesterday, I had another transmission problem and did not hesitate to tow to them.


This is a great company to work with . I have had several of my own vehicles done by them and they were great . I have a 92 olds that has 265,000 miles on it with an all trans rebuild in it and it run's great . I worked at a company in maintenance and sent many transmissions to Mark . They all worked great . These people know what they are doing .

Joe B. from West Grove , Pa. 19390